Friday, August 1, 2008

So last night around 1:00 am I woke up with the worst feeling in the world, it felt like something really bad was going to happen. A friend of mine says she also had the same feeling around 9:00 am, so I looked up horoscopes trying to find a reason this could all be happening and this is what I found.
August begins with a bang rather than a whimper. An awkward, 150-degree link between Pallas and Pluto (12:12AM PDT) represents nervous tension that will be present throughout the day. This leads directly into the important sky phenomenon of a Total Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees of Leo.
So if any of you feel like this today, maybe now you know why........

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 4

July 31, 2008, Everything today is going well, went swimming this afternoon and tried to get my mind off of TTC. I have been trying to get ahold of my doctor since last Friday and if I dont hear something back by the end of this week, I think I might be forced to change doctors, to someone who will listen when there is a problem.
Temp this morning was 96.5, which basically has been the same since Monday. Am feeling fine on two pills a day as long as I eat plenty at lunch time. Will see you all tomm.....Till then!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 3 1/2

So I already feel like crap after only one pill today, I guess maybe cause I took my other pill at night before I feel asleep, thats why it did not affect me so much. So for my people who read this and don't know what PCOS is I thought I would put some info on here for you.....

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a health problem that can affect a woman's menstrual cycle, ability to have children, hormones, heart, blood vessels, and appearance.

About one in ten women of childbearing age has PCOS

If you want to read more this is a good website for some info.....

So I will keep you updated, I may just be so cranky today cause I am stuck in the house while it rains and rains out.....

Day 3

July 30, 2008, My bday yesterday was wonderful thanks to my friends and family. I cant believe I am 25, I know thats not old but man where is the time!
Scott has offically quit smoking, day one of no medicine and no smokes....Good Luck Honey! I know you will do great. I am sure he is going to be cranky but not for long, he is getting his truck fixed this weekend, so he will be happy and we will back to a two car family! Woo Hoo!
Dakota has two more days of school this week, and next Tuesday has a dentist appt...poor baby! Who would of thought that having teeth that are straight and close together would cause a problem for little kids?!
As for me temp was 96.7 this morning, so I am sure I must of ovualted over the weekend. I start two pills today, one at lunch and one after dinner, keep our fingers crossed! Slight muscle aches this morning, but I think I just slept funny last night. Will update...till then....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 2

So today is my bday, the big 25 woo hoo! Had some minor heartburn last night due to Metformin, but am feeling fine today. Temp this morning was 96.7, so I am thinking that I may of ovulated over the weekend since it has been lower ever since. Tomm. I start two pills a day of Metformin 500 mg, I also take a prenatal vitamin and a womans one a day!
Scott is starting second week of no smoking tomm..., he is quiting using the chantrix pill, which all together has been okay, except his moodiness and minor stomach aches. Hopefully he will be able to do it this time. Dakota keeps telling him he will get black lung and die, so he better quit, lol, leave it to our kid.
Today is Dakotas second week of the summer success program, he will go for one and half more weeks and then will have two weeks off before he starts kindergarden. I cant believe he is already going to school, I might just cry. Will updated later...till then......

Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 1

Today is July 28 2008 one day away from my 25th bday. I was diagnosed with PCOS in Jan of 2008 and was on Metformin for about 3 weeks, till my body felt really bad and I quit taking my pills. I just again started back up and am on 500mg 1x a day and so far am feeling well, besides slight cramps and mild headaches, today a little bit of an upset stomach. But I was fine until 3 pills last time, hopefully all will be a little better this time. I have a appt with doc in September to see if I ovulated, if not I am going to ask about Clomid and see if that will help us any. We have been temping now for the last 3 days and man it sucks...we went from 97.7 to 96.1 today which is a major drop when you look at the chart, hopefully this is what my doctor meant by charting, I am all new to that. So I will keep you updated on how I am feeling and my temp daily, so till then.......God Bless